Industry-leading App

Our web app is a breeze to use and works on all devices so you can even manage your shipments from your phone or tablet. Whether it’s personal use or business with thousands of items, you’ll love using it.

Management of every shipment

We take photos of all shipments we receive. You can check if items are the correct size and color. If they’re not, you can choose to ship the item back to the seller from our warehouse instead of when you receive your parcel.

Ship more, spend less

The base cost of shipping can be steep, but the 2nd kilogram is already less expensive. Keeping shipments in your locker is free for up to 180 days, so you can receive multiple items and ship when you like in one economic parcel.



1 item



2 items



8 items

Responsive email and chat support

Contact us if you have an issue. We’re happy to help. Confusion with customs forms, disputes with a seller, or your credit card isn’t getting accepted? We’re always here to help.
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Natsumi Higuchi


로스 기스만

Ross Geesman


طارق جان

Tarek Jan


Мария Зинковская

Maria Zinkovskaya


Зульфия Айронсайд

Zulfiya Ironside


Лидия Дэвидсон

Lidia Davidson

We can do your shopping for you

If a store doesn’t accept your credit card or you’re uncertain about making the purchase yourself, don’t worry. With the help of our FastBuy service we can do it for you. We place orders right the same day after we get your request.

Fast shipment processing

Most shipments are available for review within 24 hours of receipt and pack requests will be ready for shipment the next business day. You can also choose from a variety of delivery methods.

Serious about Security

Items are stored in our alarmed warehouse and protected by 24 hour video surveillance. We pack items so they’ll be safe from damage in transit, and we use heavy-duty security tape to prevent tampering during the shipping process.

In-house programming team

We don’t outsource our programming. We have a dedicated in-house team adding new features to our app every month. We listen to any ideas our customers have and customize the site to match your needs.

Responsive warehouse team

Our warehouse team is happy to help and respond to any questions about your items. Need extra photos or items checked for defects? No problem. We’ll even make sure your electronics power on.

Sales-tax free

Our warehouse is in Delaware which is a sales tax-free US state. With a few extra clicks on the webshop you order from, you can get up to 7.5% off of any item, depending on where the seller is located.

Free virtual address, ready when you need it

You’ll keep the virtual US address you get upon sign-up for free so you can use it whenever the need arises. We’ll always be ready to accept and ship your items.

Individual shipment handling

Our app gives you the power to handle your items however you see fit. Without talking to Support, you can get extra photos of items, ship only a single item and store the rest, bubble wrap specific items, remove a single shoebox, and much more.


In our directory there is a lot of useful information regarding purchasing in the United States and how Fishisfast operates. Answers to most questions, as well as detailed instructions can be found here.