18 de Janeiro de 2018

Mohammed A
Medium jr2cukc0fv1abuegszik

Thank you ^^..........

16 de Janeiro de 2018

Waleed M
Medium e0lzguotyx9d4pd2dmv8

oh, my goodness, this is the coolest packing i ever saw, you get a satisfaction when you see all these tiny caring details everything is organized . they definitely earned my attention for future shipment and I do recommend to try it for all and you will know the difference

16 de Janeiro de 2018

Hasnain Q
Medium wylk7wkmobtagykitvum

Carefully Packed Item Never face issue since 3 years Support is Quick and pricing is fair.

16 de Janeiro de 2018

Hasnain Q
Medium h3dhs4tvfe9luesczhmb

Keep up the good Works my 16th Shipment From Fishisfast Wonderfull Expericance so Far

14 de Janeiro de 2018

Zaid T
Medium qhxn2votvuqo7nv70wxr

excellent packing, Perfect

10 de Janeiro de 2018

muteb A
Medium usozjjltfidxaxp8yht5


10 de Janeiro de 2018

Mohammed A
Medium zndxwxsvjdbefo1yhdza

Good delivery... before the scheduled day

10 de Janeiro de 2018

Muhammed A
Medium wqn4llazatfg1ktyxzji

حالة البضاعة جيدة و لا تحتوي على اضرار

09 de Janeiro de 2018

mahmoud A
Medium d6t4hdvlbhc7fyldqgcm

كالعادة , إبداع , ولكن اسعار الشحن غالية بالنسبة لغيرها

09 de Janeiro de 2018

Amin O
Medium mflqesdt1rbfuelavuvy

Happy with fast service You have a great customer support

09 de Janeiro de 2018

Mohamed M
Medium tgt9swd48r1uthbumjxk

i didn't receive the same packing as shown in the picture above, however, as overall the service was good.

09 de Janeiro de 2018

Medium ncobx0hns16xt410slky

Everything was great except that I requested (Plastic Bag Seal) services for my shipment for 3$ but nothing was done. Other than that, I am satisfy.

07 de Janeiro de 2018

Medium faoggnvyo9zvjimf7lcl

what do you mean by body

04 de Janeiro de 2018

Mohamed A
Medium dfhc2otn9sdtrjjgkuip

Thanks Fishisfast for your professional and Fast Service.This is the first time to use this Site And sure won't be the last. 1000000000 Thanks

02 de Janeiro de 2018

abdullah A
Medium bvkneqpxjooe18lmrykh

you really did a good job, but there's a receipt from Disney shop that I don't know. can you inform me why is there a receipt?

01 de Janeiro de 2018

Eyhab A
Medium rfgd2jnc8u0y9i58itaw

thanks alot every thing was good

30 de Dezembro de 2017

Shantonu K
Medium u2yparotoxfodgjkz30l

Got package consolidated and bubble wrapped. Very happy with the service

29 de Dezembro de 2017

Shorouq A
Medium 2gmmqlh9zgactc9ek0wf

Great service as usual. fast shipping. Highly recommend

29 de Dezembro de 2017

Mohammed A
Medium t9l0yyaxjlnrpgtqwdo7


26 de Dezembro de 2017

Ayman B
Medium gf4m9d938v0ubepzqxrd

this is my second package, and it was awesome :)

23 de Dezembro de 2017

Abdulrahman A
Medium e5camyxlyxitchr2xxpf

strong packing and safe

23 de Dezembro de 2017

Mona A
Medium qkgvcikecpeafmifky1a

Thanks a lot really I got my box so fast and in a more than perfect condition and everything inside is perfectly wrapped and packed like always thanks a lot happy to always dea with fishisfast

21 de Dezembro de 2017

Abdulrahman A
Medium alf1asajw85kahr2thc2

اشكركم ،، كل شيء كان رائع ،، باستثاء سرعة التغليف وبطئ تجاوب خدمة العملاء ،، سيكون لي تجربة اخرى معكم ان شاء الله

21 de Dezembro de 2017

khalid A
Medium dzgdycmwffice8q1fnvi

My stuff arrived like I took it from the shelf

20 de Dezembro de 2017

muneer A
Medium ftlfukhrxncuehmdc0m5

Very Good packing as usual, Keep the good work tea, Fishisfast , thumb up