FastBuy is the best option for those who are not able to or don’t want to make a purchase from a US online store. If you want to make a purchase from a store that does not accept international credit cards, does not ship abroad or  you just don’t feel comfortable enough to make a purchase yourself, we’re here to help! Please read the following 3 steps to get familiar with this service.

Step One. Let us know what you want

In your locker go to SHOP and click on right side “New FastBuy”


  1. Item name It is important to enter the exact name of the item that you want us to buy. Just copy the item name from the description on the store’s website.

  2. Size Please specify the size you want (if applicable).

  3. Color Enter your desired color (if applicable). If color is not generic, copy color name from the store’s website.

  4. Quantity Specify how many items you want us to buy. Please note that some stores have limits on the amount of items you can buy.

  5. URL A link to the item’s purchase page is required to ensure we purchase the correct item.

  6. If an item is not available. Let us know what we should do if the item you want is not available.

  7. Comments If more information is required for an item, tell us about it here.

  8. Remove item If you change your mind about a particular item, you can remove it from the list.

  9. Add item If you’re making a FastBuy request for more than one item, you can click this button. Add as many items as you want!

  10. Store name Enter the name of the store where you want us to make the purchase. This may be a direct link or just a name. For example, Amazon or

  11. Estimated shipping price Some stores do not offer free shipping. Specify how much you’re willing to pay for shipping. You can also leave it blank if you only want items with free shipping.

  12. What should we do if the shipping cost isn’t free? Choose your option. If you have any doubts about the shipping cost, choose "Contact me".

  13. Promotional coupon Please provide any coupons for the store that are applicable to this order.

  14. Expected total  What do you expect the total price to be, including shipping.

  15. What should we do if the price is higher than expected?

  16. Comments If more information is required to complete the purchase, please let us know here.

  17. Cancel Changed your mind? No problem, just click here to cancel the request.

  18. Create FastBuy When you will click this button your whole request will be sent to our FastBuy specialist. We’ll let  you know as soon as it’s been purchased, or contact you if anything is out of place.


Please make sure you have enough money in your account for us to complete your purchase! Otherwise we will not be able to buy your item and it might take longer to get your shipment.


Step two. We buy on your behalf

When your request is created, the information about your order will be sent to us and we’ll send a confirmation to your email. If we’re able to purchase the item, we will do so and debit your account for the price. If there are any issues, we’ll let you know right away before we place the order.

In some cases, your FastBuy request may be rejected. This occurs when we cannot purchase an item due to online store restrictions or Fishisfast policies. We do not provide FastBuy service for any items prohibited by our Terms of Service or items that are unable to ship internationally.

There is a list of incopatible stores we do not buy from. You can find it here . If you have questions regarding a particular store you want to buy from, please contact our FastBuy representative for answers. 

Step Three. Get your stuff!

When the purchase is complete, you only need to wait for the order to arrive at our warehouse. When your package arrives, we will process it into your locker and notify you via email. You’ll be able to see all of your items as well as the package they arrived in so that you can verify they are exactly what you were expecting!