Due to recent SFDA requirements and regulations governing the monitored products, such as supplements, food, consumables, drugs, makeup, cosmetics etc.
The importation of these items is permissible for individuals, provided they do not exceed a total value of $200 per shipment. Shipments containing these types of items with a total value over $200 in a single shipment require the importer to obtain SFDA approval. Such shipments may not be cleared by customs if the importer has not obtained previous approval. Shipments that do not clear customs will be returned, and the importer will be responsible for return fees. Please note that Fishisfast and shipping carriers are not responsible for obtaining this certificate.

Please remember to declare the actual value of the items you ship and consider splitting them into multiple shipments if their total value exceeds $200. This will help avoid delays in shipping or customs clearance due to discrepancies in the customs declaration.