On March 1, 2022 we changed our zip code from 19720 to 19726. This article is for customers who registered before March 1, 2022
These are some frequently asked questions about changing zip code:

Q: I have shipments on the way to the old address, what will happen to them?

A: Any shipment en route to us will be received at the old address, but after May 20, 2022 the companies will stop delivering shipments to the old address and shipments will be returned to sender.

Q: What happens if I send shipments to the old address after May 20th?

A. The package will be returned to the sender. We would not be able to retrieve the parcel in this case and you'll need to contact the sender for assistance.

Q: Is there any change in the actual warehouse location?

A: There is no change to the actual location. Only the zip code and address format have been changed.

Q: Is there a change in the phone number?

A: No, it is the same as before (302) 689-3120.

Q: The store requires only 5 numbers in the zip code. What should I do?

A. You can type 19726 only.

Q: I wrote 19726 in the zip code field, but the store suggested changing it to 19720, what should I choose?

A: Please ignore the store's suggestion and select the address you entered, for example Amazon may try to auto-fill the address with 19720 as the zip code. Ignore it and select “Use Existing Address”, the address that matches the one in your locker (Zip Code 19726).

Q: How can I write the address in store?

A : You can enter the address copying the below photo