- I'm having trouble activating my credit card?

If you wish to pay using your card, you will need to contact our customer service and one of the employees will help you activate your payment.

Afterwards, please follow the steps below to complete and activate your card before you can use it to pay:

1. From the "Transactions" page, click on "Add funds to Your balance" from the top right of the page.
2. You'll see your preferred payment methods. Click on "Credit Card".
3. Read the instructions, fill out your credit card details. Then click "Confirm Payment".
4. We will charge your card a small amount for confirmation.You will then be redirected to your "Credit Cards"
5. You should receive a message from your bank or you can log in to your online transactions history later to know exactly the amount charged.
6. If you know the exact value, please log in to your "Credit Cards" page and click on  Verify credit card.
7. Enter the exact value that was charged. Make sure to enter it in USD, and consider the proper notation as well as the writing direction from Arabic to English when you enter the value.
7. When you enter the correct value, the card will be activated and you will be able to use it for payment.