If you are new to Fishisfast and haven't received a shipment yet, you might not be clear on the difference between the Inbox and Locker views in your account.


The Locker is the default view you will see when you are signed in to your Fishisfast account. It shows what you currently have in storage in our warehouse. This can either be shipments you've received, or individual items in the case of users who have chosen to have their shipments opened. When you are in the Locker, you can begin to request a new package by clicking the "Add" button on the item you wish to ship, or click the "Add all to parcel" button in the upper right corner to add everything.


The Inbox is a complete history of everything you have ever received at our warehouse, organized by individual shipment. This includes shipments we have received in the past that have been consolidated and shipped to you, as well as those currently in the warehouse.

This view makes it very easy to see information on each shipment, including dimensions, tracking number, and what items are in each shipment (if you choose to have your shipments unpacked). Clicking on the "View" button in the far right of each row will expand the shipment to show the items inside it. You can even begin creating a new pack request from this screen by adding the items you want to the parcel.

Inbox also has a search function so you can filter your shipment history and find orders from a particular store, tracking number, or date. 

We find that many of our 'power users' who receive multiple shipments per day find the Inbox screen most useful because it allows them to keep track of things by store or tracking number. Our more casual users may be satisfied with the locker alone, but we encourage you to try both and use whatever you find most comfortable.