We are moving to a new, larger warehouse! Starting on June 1, 2018, please use the new address you can find on your account.
Do not forget to update shipping addresses you saved across your favorite websites to make sure your orders will arrive at our new warehouse.

Q. I have already shipped my package to the old address. Can you still receive it?
A. Yes, we can receive packages at the old warehouse until June 30. 

Q. Can you consolidate packages that are in the old warehouse and the ones in the new warehouse?
A. Yes! Don’t worry if you ended up having packages in both places. We will move them over to the new warehouse and consolidate them all.

Q. What will happen if I accidentally sent to the old address after June 30? 
A. We will not be able to receive any packages after July 1. We cannot take any responsibility for the shipments that have arrived after our warehouse closure on June 30. We ask our customers to send to our new address after June 1 and please do not send to the old address. 

Q. Does the phone number change as well?
A. No, the phone number remains the same. 

Q. I want to return a package received to the old address. Do I put the old address in the sender’s address or new address?
A. You should use the same address you ordered to, so please put the old address.

Q. Can I still send Service Request as usual?
A. Yes. There will be no effect on Service Request during the transition. You can send a service request and it will be processed as usual.