Before shipping your items, please enter a customs description and customs value for each item in your outgoing shipment. You are responsible for ensuring that the values and descriptions are complete and accurate.

  1. Select packages you want to ship
  2. Click "New Parcel"
  3. Fill out the Customs Declaration

Please enter the description, quantity and values where highlighted in red.
If there are multiple different items in a shipment, you can add line and enter information for each item. You can easily edit by clicking "x" to delete a line and clicking "Add line" to make a new line.

When shipments are unpacked, you will see a photo of each item. Just simply enter the item's description and value and keep going.

It is advisable to describe items in general terms, omitting specific branding.
For instance, enter “Tablet computer” rather than “Apple iPad.”
As for shoes, it is required by some carriers to enter a type of shoes including the material of "upper and sole" of the shoes.
For instance, enter "Mens sneaker leather upper and rubber sole" rather than just "Shoes".

Not sure what to enter in description?
If you are not sure what to enter the description, you can find product details on the website you purchased from. Please note that customs declaration is in English only.

Please enter accurately!
Insurance will be void when items in the parcel were shipped in violation of our shipping terms, including prohibited items or items inaccurately declared on customs documents.
We will in no case be responsible for delays, damages, or penalties caused by inaccurate customs declarations. Please make sure to fill out the customs information accurately.