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Hamla A 🇦🇪

May 27, 2018

Love the packaging.. thank you

osama A 🇸🇦

May 24, 2018

As usual perfect process

Redha A 🇸🇦

May 23, 2018

it is great experiance with shipping through fishisfast.

Majdy A 🇸🇦

May 20, 2018

your service is good , but the shipment option limited. also fedex is very bad since they got new agent which is TNT in Suadi Arabia. i should receive my shipment last week. since 7 days the item in Saudi Arabia but i didnt receve it until now.

Ahmed R 🇸🇦

May 20, 2018

Excellent Service and Customer Service. The shipment was packed in a very small package that I had never expected. Please keep it up!

Naif A 🇸🇦

May 18, 2018

lasr time my stuffs were in save and in good condition thank u

Habib A 🇸🇦

May 17, 2018

شكراً على التوصيل اولا مرة وليست الأخيرة ورنضان كريم 🤸‍♂️

Nader C 🇶🇦

May 16, 2018

Extremely professional and quick packaging (13 minutes) and shipping. Highly recommends. Thumps up.

Ahmed A 🇸🇦

May 15, 2018

fast and prompt service, thanks

Amr F 🇸🇦

May 14, 2018

Organized team Fast and clean

Fahad A 🇸🇦

May 14, 2018

التغليف ناقصه بس لو يحطون شي مضاد للصدمات ،الشحنه وصلت للرياض بيومين تقريبا لكن فيدكس الرياض تأخروا ما جابوها مع انها طالعه من الجمارك مبكر

Mubarak B 🇸🇦

May 13, 2018

Fast & Great service

Salem M 🇸🇦

May 12, 2018

Thanks for the fast shipping and the step by step notifications. Great job

Ahmed K 🇸🇦

May 12, 2018

Fast shipping. thanks

Yazan A 🇸🇦

May 11, 2018

What a wonderful service ! Everything is fast

Omar A 🇰🇼

May 10, 2018

I love the fats packing of the item and how they carefully wrap items with bubble wrap when requested. A job well done.

Majid A 🇸🇦

May 10, 2018

Have been a long time member of Fishisfast. I have nothing to say but they are the best. And this is after trial of practically all of the other players out there! Great job guys!

mahmoud A 🇮🇱

May 07, 2018

كفو والله , تغليف ممتاز ولكن كالعادة اسعار شحن مرتفعة

Abdullrahman A 🇸🇦

May 07, 2018

تغليف ممتاز ووصول في وقت جيد!

Hamdi F 🇶🇦

May 05, 2018

خدمة رائعة وطاقم اكثر من احترافي.

Mohamed A 🇶🇦

May 05, 2018

Thanks for This Fast Perfect economic Service.

Saeed A 🇸🇦

May 03, 2018

كالعادة من ارامكس سرعة وابداع.

Saeed A 🇸🇦

May 03, 2018

وصلت باسرع وقت وبدون تاخير او اخطاء.


May 02, 2018

Excellent service. Well packed

Abdelrahman E 🇪🇬

May 02, 2018

Great handling and great speed, overall amazing service as usual!