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Darren H 🇬🇧


I’m from the UK and have to say, the guys and girls at fishisfast are always BANG ON with their service. Can’t thank them enough!

Heorhi C 🇬🇪


The parcel was packed very well and compact. Delivery price is reasonable

Salim A 🇴🇲


Goods were packed very fast and the parcel was ready for shipment with record time.

Julien M 🇨🇦


The Fishisfast team is highly competent and Trustworthy. You can count on them to safely and professionally consolidate multiple packages. Excellent service. Thank you!

Ahmed F 🇲🇻


Very responsive and fast service. Definitely my choice of parcel forwarding from here onwards.



Good job with good service. Thank you.

Jacquiline P 🇰🇷


I truly appreciate the quick send off and how fishisfast carefully repackage my items. Everything always arrive to me in one piece, the packaging well organised and respects all the request that I input on the digital site form. Well done!

Daniel E 🇧🇷


Nice package and fast shipping.



Fishisfast is exceptional. They keep me informed every step of the way, from order receipt to shipment updates. They promptly notify me upon receiving my order, providing pictures and inspecting for damage. I highly recommend Fishisfast to anyone living overseas.

Fadlan H 🇮🇩


So for every EEI payment Fishisfast always cancel the shipment order and customer need to repeat the process (for a mere $15 fee). Why don't you just put the EEI fee in the balance like usual and continue? I expected this package shipped before year end, but found out it shipped after new year.

Abdulrahman A 🇸🇦


I’ve been a customer since 2015, with more than 100 shipments, and never once I was disappointed by fishisfast, thank you guys keep up the good work.

Richard M 🇬🇧


Excellent as always - much appricated

Muhamed B 🇰🇼


With every order from fishfast , I make sure that I am not wrong in my choice

Abdulaziz 🇶🇦


It is great and thank you for your service

Abdullah A 🇰🇼


My best company do deal with



I’m fully satisfied about the elegant service. Everything is convenient, fast and well organized that above my expectations! Thanks! Thanks!

Samira E 🇪🇬


I was disappointed with many items coming in their boxes although I specifically requested for them to be removed while placing the order. They were many unnecessary bulky and heavy shoe boxes that significantly added to the size and weight of the parcel, and of course to the shipping cost.

Maytham S 🇰🇼


Everything was perfect

Mobarak A 🇰🇼


Fast packing and shipping

Omar S 🇶🇦


As soon as my product arrived, within an hour it was sorted and was ready to be shipped. Pictures were taken of the package so I know that it arrived Only thing is prices, their a bit expensive but was very quick to ship all the way to Qatar in just 3 days

Martin B 🇬🇧


I can highly recommend this service, in my case sending US stuff to the UK. Once you get the hang of this it opens up a whole new world for shopping. Items Well Packed (not just thrown in a box) and Box Well Secured.

Darren H 🇬🇧


Appreciate all you guys at FIF! Always a quick reply via customer service if I ever have a question. And the packing and shipping service is always spot on. Thank you guys 💯

Pamela M 🇨🇦


I have used Fishisfast for multiple US-based orders and the service and how easy it is has been excellent. One thing I would recommend is a mobile app.

Abdullah K 🇰🇼


Got everything is very professional packaging! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Robert B 🇬🇧


From first request to delivery, the service was superb. Items packed quickly but very safely and shipped without delay. Thanks again Fishisfast!!!