1.Amazon FBA Shipping Service


FBA Shipping Service

Send your FBA shipments to our warehouse in Delaware and we will ship to US Amazon on behalf of you.

Service fee : $10 per box

Shipping cost to our warehouse : You will pay shipping cost from your house to our warehouse in Delaware.
Shipping cost to Amazon: You can use prepaid shipping label issued by Amazon.


Receive returns 

You can send returns from Amazon to our warehouse. You may use our warehouse address as your store’s return address. There is no charge to receive returns at our warehouse. 

Receive returns : Free
Storage fee: Free up to 180 days


2.How to send to Fishisfast


Here is how to send FBA shipments to our warehouse.

  1.  Go to your Amazon seller account. Change ship-from address to your own Fishisfast address that is issued when you signed up. 
  2.  Before you pack, make sure all items have barcode labels on them. (We do not provide a labeling service at the moment. ) Once you packed your inventory, print out one prepaid shipping label from your seller account. Place the prepaid label on top of the inventory and seal the shipment. We will use that shipping label to ship to Amazon.
  3. Please follow Amazon’s guideline on how to prepare for FBA shipping. You are responsible for ensuring that shipments are packed in accordance with Amazon’s guideline. 
    Make sure items are tightly packed so that the products inside cannot move. Use bubble wrap and packing materials if necessary to prevent from damages. We are not responsible for items delivered damaged to our warehouse.  

    * Please send to FF30099 instead of your own locker number. FF30099 is the locker number for all FBA shipments. DO NOT send to your own locker.
  4.  Send shipment to our warehouse. Please email us the tracking number of the shipment. 
  5. Once we receive your shipment, we will ship to Amazon within 1-2 business days. 

Please make sure that your inventory is compliant with Amazon FBA policies and requirements.